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Pine City Council remains deadlocked over declaring mayoral vacancy

The Pine City Council remained deadlocked over declaring a mayoral vacancy on the council at Thursday's meeting.

Former mayor Carl Pederson resigned effective Feb. 29 after more than nine years in the position.

The council has previously accepted Pederson’s resignation letter, but has not moved forward in an effort to fill the empty seat left by his departure.

Gina Pettie said she is a reluctant acting mayor, and would like to see the seat filled before November’s election.

"I can fulfill my role as acting mayor for as long as I need to," Pettie said. "I'm a reluctant acting mayor because I really prefer to just be on the council, but I will do this."

Council member Kyle Palmer shared concerns about an appointment not being selected by Pine City voters.

"My opinion is that the mayor's position should be elected by the people," Palmer said. "Or appointed from the current members that were elected by the people. Not appointed by their friends, who are trying to get them back in office after they were voted out of office. That's what this feels like."

Palmer and council member Dave Hill voted against declaring the vacancy. Pettie and Mary Kay Sloan voted in favor of it.

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