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Pine City Increases Pay for Rink Attendants

The Pine City Council approved a pay raise for rink attendants during their meeting on Wednesday.

This comes as Parks and Recreation Director Stacy O’Rourke said they are in desperate need of workers.

The city previously paid $11 an hour, but at that rate, O’Rourke says they can't compete with other wages offered by local businesses.

"I hear earlier today that one of the nonprofits in town is offering $13 an hour for a part-time position with no benefits. That's the competition we are up against. Mcdonald's is a $15 (an hour) and Walmart's at $18, and they will hire the 16-year-olds."

O’Rourke said they may have to limit hours the warming house is open due to a lack of workers, which Councilmember Steve Ovick said would be a shame to limit usage after all the improvements done to Hilltop Park.

The city will now pay $12.50 an hour. CPR and first aid certification training are required; however, the city can get applicants the training necessary.

Those interested can find applications on Pine City's website and email them to Stacy O'Rourke at

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