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Pine County township election results

Township elections were held on Tuesday; here's how results shook out around Pine County.

Pokegama Township

Supervisor B - Darrin Freetly, 142 votes; Elaine Garaghty, 85 votes; Jack Cedarleaf, 72 votes

Supervisor C - Wayne Whited, 176 votes; William Jerokovsky, 126 votes

Supervisor D- R. Dale Dickey, 258 votes; Tori Sigurdsen, 48 votes

Royalton Township

Supervisor - Peter Belland, 174 votes; Leslie Orvis, 84 votes; Tom Madison, 9 votes; Patrice DeGray, 8 votes

Clerk - Duane Swanson, 177 votes; Roxanne Orvis, 94 votes

Bremen Township

Supervisor - Tom Horsmann, 48 votes; Justin Eaton, 7 votes

Clerk - Taylor Bednar, 50 votes; Ava Dufeck, 6 votes

Pine Lake Township

Mark Hansen was elected to a three-year term as supervisor. Lori Koski was elected to a two-year term as township clerk.

Chengwatana Township

Jeff Peterson defeated Luke Hegge, 148-41, in the supervisor contest. Katy Overtoom won clerk with 173 votes, and Joy Berens was elected as treasurer with 164 votes.

Munch Township

Scott Dreier was elected as supervisor; Jill Meier was elected as clerk.

Hinckley Township

Supervisor - John Moffatt (35 votes)

Clerk - Cheri Carlson (37 votes)

Nickerson Township

Supervisor - Terry O'Rourke, 14 votes

Clerk - Barb Mercer, 14 votes

Arlone Township

Supervisor - Robbie Ladd, 14 votes

Clerk - Denise Christiansen, 14 votes

Crosby Township

Supervisor (three-year-term): David Jones, 6 votes

Treasurer (two-year term): Cheryl Jones, 6 votes

This story will be updated as results are made available.

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