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Strong Defense Steals the Show as Tigers Hold off Wolves

Rush City hosted Milaca in a softball battle on Monday.

The two teams came in with offenses scoring near or over 10 runs per game. But the offenses would not be the talking point of this game. As the game began the Tigers got off to a hot start on defense, getting three straight innings of three up three down, thanks in large part to their starting pitcher Kendal Pillar. Their offense didn't quite get on track the way they would've hoped. Milaca's starting pitcher Megan Meixell gave up a few hits but the defense behind her would help out in a big way. They were able to make catches on the run, and snap off line drives to force what would've otherwise been hits into outs. Over the course of the game the Tigers did build up a 4-0 lead. And as the game drew near its end the Wolves defense seemed to only get better. This momentum was felt by the offense, and although they weren't able to get the runs to cross yet, they certainly felt it was only a matter of time. In the final inning the Wolves got off to a good starting with two hits and the second driving home a run, to cut the deficit down to three. With confidence rising they tried to complete the 7th inning rally. But the Tigers would bring said rally to a halt, as their defense would help and make some big stops to grab the outs needed to secure the victory.

The Tigers move to 9-1 on the season and will potentially play Braham today.

The Wolves fall to 4-9 on the season. But don't count this team out of surprising a few teams before the end of the season.

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