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Webster Man Sentenced to 12 Years in Federal Prison for Child Pornography

A Webster Wisconsin man has been sentenced to 144 months in federal prison for possessing child pornography.

According to the Department of Justice, 47-year-old Anthony Atkins was arrested in June of 2020 after a probation officer took possession of three phones from Atkins, who was not allowed to have them.

The officer did a preliminary search of the phones, observed what she believed to be child pornography, and turned the phones over to law enforcement. Law enforcement officials then obtained a search warrant for the phones and found numerous images of child pornography.

Atkins later pled guilty to the charges in February of 2021.

At sentencing, the Judge expressed concerns with Atkins's previous offenses and his violations of the sex offender registry notification requirements.

Atkins has been sentenced to 15 years of supervised release following his 144 months in prison.

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