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Gypsy Moth Invasion in Pine County - 6-22 News

Gypsy Moth Invasion in Pine County

The Minnesota Department of Agriculture is fighting back against a foreign invader.

Gypsy moths are America’s most destructive invasive forest insect and are present in Pine County.

The department of Agriculture sets 15,000 traps every year for the moths in an effort to contain them.

If you see a trap set on a tree around Pine City, make sure not to disturb it, and the traps are not toxic to humans or pets.

If you spot a gypsy moth at any stage in its life cycle, immediately call the Minnesota department of agriculture at 1-888-545-6684. You can find other ways of contact by visiting

MNSure Usage in Pine County

Pine County recently provided an update on its citizens who are using the Minnesota State Healthcare, MNSure.

Countywide as of May, there were just over 2,100 Pine County individuals enrolled in the MNSure program.

Most of those people are under 65 years old and are employed.

Coalition Provides Workplace Development

Central Minnesota Jobs and Training Services recently gave their annual update to Pine County.

The group’s joint powers board spans across 11 counties in central Minnesota, including Pine.

Their primary goal is putting businesses first and training the workforce.

The coalition finished their report by saying that they’re on pace to serve even more businesses next year.

Checks Being Stolen from Mailboxes

The Pine County Sheriff’s Office is combating stolen mail out of residential areas.

The office is reporting that the checks are often being altered and forged.

If you see any suspicious activity around mailboxes, contact the Sheriff’s Office immediately.

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