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A Man in Isanti County Arrested after Stand Off with Law Enforcement

A man was arrested in Isanti County after a standoff with law enforcement.

The sheriff’s office received a call from a residence on the east side of Lake Francis on the afternoon of Friday, Sept. 28 where a male suspect was reported to have assaulted at least 3 people.

The suspect refused to cooperate with law enforcement and barricaded himself in the attic of the residence.

Officers from the sheriff’s department as well as the Cambridge, Isanti, and Braham police departments worked together to enter the residence. They used a taser to subdue and extract the suspect.

The four Officers who went into the attic were treated for insulation inhalation and returned to their shift.

The suspect was also treated for insulation inhalation and an alleged stab wounds that he received during an altercation with one of the assault victims.

The suspect had multiple felony drug warrants from other agencies on top of his local charges.

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