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Lakes and Pines Grocery Program Looks for a New Home

A vital grocery delivery program from Lakes and Pines will stop service this month unless it is taken over by someone else.

According to the organization, Groceries to Go currently serves twelve senior citizens in the Mora area, and Lakes and Pines are ending the service because the grant funding it will end on August 31.

However, the organization is willing to help hand off Groceries to Go to another group in the area.

"Our existing delivery volunteers are more than willing to continue to deliver the groceries," said Valerie Brown with Lakes and Pines. She went onto say, "They believe in the program."

Brown said she is looking for a group to handle the administrative work: call clients, take orders, and enter their orders into an online Coborn's account.

She told WCMP that she has had some interest from local groups but she hasn't found anything concrete yet.

Lakes and Pines will work with the group looking to pick up the mantle from them. Brown will work with them until they can confidently handle everything.

"I will act as a go-between," said Brown. "I'll introduce them to the clients so everybody feels comfortable."

Anyone interested in taking over Groceries to Go can contact Valerie Brown at (800) 832-6082, extension 171, or email

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