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Kanabec Co. Reduces Penalties on Property Taxes Paid Late

From Kanabec County:

"In a move designed to provide property tax relief for businesses and property owners struggling during the COVID-19 Pandemic, the Kanabec County Board of Commissioners approved a reduced penalty for property taxes due May 15, 2020. The action came at a county board meeting held on April 21.

The resolution (Resolution #14 – 4/21/20) does not change the due date for property taxes, but it does reduce the penalty for first-half taxes paid late. If first-half taxes are paid by June 30, 2020, the penalty is 1%. For first-half taxes paid by July 31, 2020, the penalty is 2%. After July 31, 2020, the regular penalty applies. The regular penalty varies by property type and increases with the length of delay. For example, residential property taxes not paid after July 31, 2020, have a 5% penalty and commercial/industrial property taxes paid after July 31, 2020, have a 9% penalty. The resolution does not change the due date of the 2nd half property taxes which is October 15, 2020.

County Auditor/Treasurer Denise Snyder said, “Everyone who can pay their property taxes on time should do that. Those who need a little extra time because their business is closed or they have lost their job can have a couple of extra months to make their payment with a reduced penalty amount.”

Kanabec County has over 30 taxing entities including schools, townships, and cities which use property taxes to pay for essential services. Board Chair Kathi Ellis said, “Any delay in taxes will be challenging for those jurisdictions. It's going to be tight for everyone, including local governments, but hopefully, this measure will be helpful to Kanabec County residents and businesses as we pull together to get through the pandemic.” Those who have questions on their property taxes should call the county auditor-treasurer at 320-679-6430."

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