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Lady Dragons Start the Week with Win Over Barnum

The Pine City girls basketball team hosted Barnum on Monday night.

The Dragons are into a part of their schedule where they'll wind up playing 5 games in a span of 7 school days. But last night they battled against Barnum. The game got off to a quick start and the teams were tied at 4, but Pine City turned up the heat and began to pull away. They were able to hit 5 three pointers in the first half. Even though the Dragons were able to quickly shift things in their favor, they soon fell into a scoring drought. The Bombers took full advantage of this and climbed their way back. The Barnum defense created plenty of turnovers as well as second chance scoring opportunities. They found themselves within only a few points of the lead. The Dragons managed to drop in a couple shots before half, and went into the break leading 37-28. Even with the lead it felt as if Barnum had the momentum going into the 2nd half.

The 2nd half got off to an even faster start the the 1st. It looked to be another scoring frenzy. Pine City's defense quickly locked in and stopped any gameplan the Bombers had. Meanwhile, the Dragons were executing flawlessly on both sides of the court. Creating turnovers and turning those into points. They were well out in front and the game was well in hand and the defense deserves a lot of the credit. They held Barnum's offense to a measly four points in the final 13 minutes of the game. The final score 77-43.

Pine City's win moves then to 15-5 on the year. They'll prepare to host Hermantown tonight(Feb 6th). This will be the 2nd of three games this week, with it all coming to a head on Friday when they host Ogilvie in the Conference Championship game.


Pine City

Karly Jusczak 31

Summer Thieman 17

Mallory Clepper 13

Vivian Lahti 7

Brooke Boland 5

Taylar Hejny 3

Paige Gray 1

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