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Pine City Trap Update

Here's a Dragon trap shooting update from George Johnson from this past Sunday!

Pine City High School Trap Team; Week 4 of competitive shooting


Week four of the five weeks of competitive shooting in Class 8A found the Pine City High School Trap Team enjoying a beautiful Mothers’ Day with clear skies and temperatures in the 80’s.  Winds from the northwest at around 15 miles per hour kept the targets down.  Top guns for the Dragons were Nate Burns and Tyler Mohr with scores of 42.  Both shooters have been consistently near the top of the leaderboard all season.  Darian Hall had another good afternoon, hitting 41 targets.  He was followed closely by Talen Reitan with a 40 and Gavin Broz and Austin Gariepy with 39.  Nicholas Boldt continues to show strong improvement, hitting 38 clays.   Jaeggar Anderson, Evan Benolken both scored 37 hits, and Oscar Gribauval and Brody Tayerle rounded out the top ten shooters with 36 hits.  Overall, Dragon shooters are showing significant improvement in scores as the team nears the end of the competitive shooting season.  May 19 will be the final week of competition, and then the team will begin preparing for a state tournament date June 17 in Alexandria.  

Team leaders after the first three weeks of the season are Gavin Broz, Ryan Carl, Tyler Mohr, Talen Reitan, and Corbin Fedder.  All are shooting above or near the varsity level average of 38 of 50 targets.

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