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Pine County Offers Additional Business and Nonprofit Grants

Pine County is offering additional grants to businesses and nonprofits located in the county that have been affected by the pandemic.

The funds were made available following the 7th special legislative session of last year, providing the county with $568,498.97 in funds.

To assist in the awarding process, the county has identified four priority groups for applicants.

The county says the first priority will be given to businesses that experienced a 25% or greater reduction in gross business revenue, and the second priority will be given to those businesses with less than a 25% reduction. Businesses that did not have a reduction in gross revenue but were impacted by the pandemic will be the lowest priority.

Grants will be based on the number of employees a business has as of February 1, 2020.

Expenses eligible for grant funds must have incurred since October 1, 2020. They include mortgage or rental payments, utilities, personal protective equipment, inventory disposal, and wages.

The application period will run from now until February 5 at noon.

Questions should be directed to Don Hickman 218-821-5623 or David Minke 320-591-1620.

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