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Results from the Tigerama Meet in Rush City

The Great River Conference competed yesterday in Rush City at the Tigerama meet. Here are the results from that meet.

Girls 4X800 Relay

1st East Central 11:04, 2nd Pine City 11:09.71, 3rd Braham 11:23

Girls 100m Hurdles

1st L. Bengtston 17.12 Rush City, 2nd K. Rocholl 18.31 Mille Lacs, 3rd D. Miller 19.41 Pine City, 4th T. Root 20.07 Pine City, 5th J. Schleis 21.51 Mille Lacs, 6th A. Olson 22.97 Pine City

Girls 100m Dash

1st C. Tvedt 13.25 Hinckley-Finlayson, 2nd E. Doble 13.30 Braham, 3rd L. Roubinek 13.41 Pine City, 4th L. Bnegton 13.78 Rush City, 5th M. Clepper 13.90 Pine City, 6th B. Golly 14.34 Braham

Girls 4X200m Relay

1st Pine City 1:58.81, 2nd Ogilvie 2:02.72, 3rd Braham 2:09.97, 4th Rush City 2:10.71

Girls 1600m Run

1st K. Volk 5:49.87 East Central, 2nd E. Johnson 5:52.43, 3rd A. Stream 5:55.22, 4th E. Sell 6:02 Pine City, 5th A. Johnson 6:14 Braham, 6th A. Burch 6:20 East Central

Girls 4X100m Relay

1st Pine City 55.79, 2nd Braham 57.03, 3rd Rush City 1:02, 4th East Central 1:03

Girls 400m Dash

1st K. Pierce 1:04.17 Ogilvie, 2nd A. Rydberg 1:06.21 Pine City, 3rd S. Watrin 1:12.03 East Central, 4th R. Brown 1:13.44 Pine City, 5th E. Hermanson 1:15.37

Girls 300m Hurdles

1st S. Thieman 53.83 Pine City, 2nd A. Ertz 59.56 Rush City, 3rd A. Blaiser 1:01.56 Pine City, 4th K. Savely 1:02.31 Rush City, 5th J. Schleis 1:03.04 Mille Lacs, 6th A. Olson 1:03.77 Pine City

Girls 800m Run

1st J. Kuhnke 2:26.97 Braham, 2nd M. Saboo 2:35.55 Mille Lacs, 3rd S. Hodena 2:36.32 Hinckley-Finlayson, 4th A. Unverzagt 2:36.61 Pine City, 5th A. Sell 2:46 Pine City, 6th A. Presley 2:53.72 East Central

Girls 200m Dash

1st E. Doble 27.45 Braham, 2nd C. Tvedt 27.77 Hinckley-Finlayson, 3rd M. Clepper 28.41 Pine City, 4th A. Aagaard 29.90 Pine City, 5th D. Miller 30.87 Pine City, 6th O. Nelson 32.15 Ogilvie

Girls 3200m Run

1st J. Keranen 12:39.30 East Central, 2nd R. Brown 13:18.12 Pine City, 3rd A. Shockman 14:34.64 Braham

Girls 4X400m Relay

1st Braham 4:27.78, 2nd Pine City 4:38.37, 3rd Hinckley-Finlayson 4:40.25, 4th Ogilvie 4:41.52, 5th Rush City 4:47.69, 6th East Central 4:59.79

Girls Shot Put

1st L. Roubinek 31-3.5 Pine City, 2nd G. Lenzen 30.80 Hinckley-Finlayson, 3rd M. Smetana 29-90 Pine City, 4th E. Heins 29.8 Ogilvie, 5th O. Gray 29.2 Mille Lacs, 6th J. Hochban 29-0.5 Pine City

Girls Pole Vault

1st M. Ertz 7.90 Rush City, T2nd S. Carlson 7.60 Mille Lacs, T2nd K. Volk 7.60 East Central, 4th G. Larson 7.00 Pine City, T5th K. Savely 6.60 Rush City, T5th A. Presley 6.60 East Central, T5th K. Thieman 6.60 Pine City

Girls Long Jump

1st A. Nehring 15.25 Ogilvie, 2nd K. Rocholl 14-3.75 Mille Lacs, 3rd A. Ertz 13-6.75 Rush City, 4th K. Thieman 13-7.50 Pine City, 5th D. Miller 13-3.50, 6th A. Heinz 12-50 Rush City

Girls Triple Jump

1st A. Aagaard 30-11.50 Pine City, 2nd D. Miller 30-90 Pine City, 3rd A. Shockman 27-7.25 Braham, 4th M. Macho 27-3.75 Pine City

Girls High Jump

T1st G. Lenzen 4'10" Hinckley-Finlayson, T1st K. Pierce 4'10" Ogilvie, T3rd K. Rocholl 4'8" Mille Lacs, T3rd I. Olson 4'8" East Central, T3rd T. Root 4'8" Pine City, 6th A. Nehring 4'6" Ogilvie

Girls Discus

1st M. Smetana 111.70 Pine City, 2nd E. Heins 99.20 Ogilvie, 3rd A. Biniek 96.3 Mille Lacs, 4th J. Lenzen 94.5 Hinckley-Finlayson, 5th A. Nickaboine 77.1 Mille Lacs, 6th O. Gray 75.6 Mille Lacs

Boys 4X800m

1st Pine City 8:48, 2nd Rush City 9:47, 3rd Hinckley-Finlayson 10:00

Boys 110m Hurdles

1st N. Anderson 16.06 Rush City, 2nd O. Dick 17.04 Rush City, 3rd D. Chlbeck 19.50 East Central

Boys 100m Dash

1st J. Swanson 11.96 East Central, 2nd A. Thole 12.11 Rush City, 3rd J. Ackerman 12.16 East Central, 4th S. Belsheim 12.57 Braham, 5th A. Bergeron 12.83 Pine City, 6th L. Degerstrom 13.20 Hinckley-Finlayson

Boys 4X200m Relay

1st Pine City 1:44.58, 2nd Braham 1:45.90, 3rd Hinckley-Finlayson 1:55.79

Boys 1600m Run

1st T. Baker 5:15.32 Ogilvie, 2nd B. Ertz 5:29.13 Rush City, 3rd J. Papke 5:32 Rush City, 4th R. McKinney 5:35.31 Pine City, 5th B. Hudoba 5:50.06 Ogilvie, 6th C. Miche 6:02.22 Pine City

Boys 4X100m Relay

1st Rush City 48.02, 2nd Pine City 48.54, 3rd East Central 51.53, 4th Braham 52.96, 5th Hinckley-Finlayson 55.25

Boys 400m Dash

1st D. Willert 56.98 Pine City, 2nd C. LaFave 57.10 Hinckley-Finlayson, 3rd C. Ausmus 57.37 Pine City, 4th B. Niesson 57.47 Rush City, 5th E. Fromm 59.13 Pine City, 6th C. Clark 1:00.22 East Central

Boys 300m Hurdles

1st N. Anderson 44.95 Rush City, 2nd M. Campbell 44.96 Braham, 3rd R. Gatzke 50.54 Pine City, 4th D. Chlebeck 51.61 East Central, 5th B. Peetz 53.53 Pine City, 6th M. Cooper 54.17 Hinckley-Finlayson

Boys 800m Run

1st T. Eklund 2:11.40 Braham, 2nd C. Ausmus 2:12.35 Pine City, 3rd K. Meissner 2:14.59 Rush City, 4th W. Clementson 2:17.23 Pine City, 5th E. Fromm 2:20.15 Pine City, 6th T. Baker 2:20.99 Ogilvie

Boys 200m Dash

1st J. Ackerman 24.67 East Central, 2nd A. Thole 24.81 Rush City, 3rd J. Swanson 25.16 East Central, 4th K. Jusczak 26.44 Pine City, 5th C. LaFave 26.53 Hinckley-Finlayson, 6th B. Blowers 26.60 Hinckley-Finlayson

Boys 3200m Run

1st R. McKinney 11:59 Pine City, 2nd I. Coolidge 12:27.05 Braham, 3rd B. Hudoba 12:46.51 Ogilvie, 4th C. Miche 12:56.38 Pine City, 5th G. Deedrick 13:20.96 Rush City, 6th N. McDaniel 13:36.89 Pine City

Boys 4X400m Relay

1st Pine City 4:02.83

Boys Shot Put

1st C. Keranen 46' East Central, 2nd M. Overtoom 42'3 Pine City, 3rd J. Preston 40'1.5 Pine City, 4th M. Richey 37'1.5 Hinckley-Finlayson, 5th M. Palmer 35'10.5 Rush City, 6th E. Oquist 34'5 Braham

Boys Pole Vault

1st O. Dick 10'1 Rush City, T2nd L. Wilson 7'00 Pine City, T2nd J. Cacloppo 7'00 Braham, T2nd D. Lord 7'00 Pine City, 5th L. Armstrong 6'5 Rush City, 6th C. Miche 6'6 Pine City

Boys Long Jump

1st A. Berg 20'6.75 Ogilvie, 2nd O. Dick 18'11.75 Rush City, 3rd N. Anderson 18'9 Rush City, 4th J. Ackerman 17'7 East Central, 5th J. Pinson 17'2.25 East Central, 6th R. Prihoda 16'4 Pine City

Boys Triple Jump

1st A. Berg 40'4 Ogilvie, 2nd R. Prihoda 36'4.25 Pine City, 3rd D. Chlebeck 34'7 East Central, 4th R. Gatzke 33'10.25 Pine City, 5th L. Kreft 33'6 Hinckley-Finlayson, 6th A. Bergeron 30'10.75 Pine City

Boys High Jump

1st A. Berg 6'6 Ogilvie, 2nd C. LaFave 5'6 Hinckley-Finlayson, T3rd K. Jusczak 5'00 Pine City, T3rd S. Belsheim 5'00 Braham, T3rd R. Keraneny 5'00 East Central, 6th B. Lotz 4'10 Braham

Boys Discus

1st M. Overtoom 122'9 Pine City, 2nd N. DePaulis 117'4 East Central, 3rd C. Keranen 113'11 East Central, 4th M. Richey 103'5 Hinckley-Finlayson, 5th A. Thole 100'11 Rush City, 6th M. Palmer 97'11 Rush City

Girls Team Results

1st Pine City 169.5, 2nd Braham 89, 3rd Rush City 63, 4th East Central 54.5, 5th Ogilvie 54, T6th Hinckley-Finlayson 52, T6th Mille Lacs 52

Boys Team Results

1st Pine City 148, 2nd Rush City 129, 3rd East Central 89, 4th Braham 55, 5th Ogilvie 49, 6th Hinckley-Finlayson 45

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